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Have you been searching for a dedicated emergency plumber near Port Melbourne?

First opening as a small company in 2012, we provide comprehensive, cost-effective, high-quality plumbing solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked drain or burst pipe, Solutions Plumbing is speedy and professional service.

From routine repairs to complex installations, we can help. After all, we care about your home and business looking its best.


For the quick response. Please call on 0448 535 629

Emergency Plumber Port Melbourne

Plumbing emergencies can be overwhelming or stressful. Whether in the middle of the night or during your Sunday afternoon, Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance provides exceptional emergency plumber services for homes and businesses near Port Melbourne, Richmond, and Northcote areas.

We are accessible 24/7, providing immediate assistance and a fast resolution to your plumbing issues. With us, you can expect suitable, immediate, and reliable solutions.






Premier Plumbing Services in Port Melbourne

Plumbing problems can lead to expensive repairs. We specialise in tackling minor to major plumbing problems, from blocked drains to serious pipe bursts.

No matter your concern, you can trust our plumbers to diagnose and address the issue.

Our technicians believe in providing consistent support, reliable monitoring services, and ongoing maintenance for your premises’ pipes.

Why Choose Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance as Your Plumber Near Port Melbourne?

Why should you choose us as your local plumber near Port Melbourne? Our service provides many benefits to business owners and homeowners alike.

  • Available at all hours to attend to urgent plumbing issues.
  • Experienced, licensed professionals with over 12 years of service history.
  • Transparent, upfront pricing with clear communication and no hidden fees.
  • Eco-friendly practices to ensure our services are environmentally responsible.

Whether you’re in Port Melbourne, Richmond or Northcote, our plumbing solutions are just a call away at 0448 535 629.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Plumber Near Port Melbourne

    Do you provide emergency plumber services near Port Melbourne?

    Yes, Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance offers comprehensive emergency plumber services near Port Melbourne. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure immediate assistance and a fast resolution for all your plumbing issues.

    What services can we expect from Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance near Port Melbourne?

    We specialise in various plumbing solutions, including tackling minor to major problems like blocked drains and pipe bursts, proactive maintenance services to prevent larger issues, and efficient gas fitting and installation.

    Do you provide services to commercial properties near Port Melbourne?

    Our professional team at Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance provides high-quality plumbing services to commercial and residential properties near Port Melbourne.

    What distinguishes Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance from other plumbers near Port Melbourne?

    Our team operates with a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. We provide round-the-clock availability, experienced professionals, transparent pricing, and eco-friendly practices.

    How can I contact an emergency plumber near Port Melbourne?

    For any plumbing emergencies in Port Melbourne, you can reach Solutions Plumbing & Maintenance at any time on 0448 535 629. Our team is fully equipped and prepared to address all your needs quickly and professionally.